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Vol. 8, No. 4, November, 2003

Community News & Upcoming Events


Association of the New Covenant.

The Local Branch of the Association of the Community of the New Covenant in Denver, started again it's Monthly Gathering in September 2003, after a short summer break.

Parish Missions.

Healing Life's Hurts Parish Mission was given by Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan, October 6 - November 11. The Sisters gave three Missions in Missouri, flew to Ontario Canada where they gave 4 more Parish Missions, then back to finish off this trip with Missions in Missouri and Kansas. In addition to meeting some wonderful folks and seeing signs and wonders performed in their midst, the Sisters had an extra blessing of going to Madonna House in Combermere, in Ontario, the place of Catherine Doherty's beginnings. Giving the Parish Mission in Barry's Bay, Ontario put the Sisters a mere 15 minutes away from Madonna House. It was a privilege to visit Catherine's Poustina and the Chapel in the woods, surrounded by lakes and rivers.

Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • This mission brought me great joy and encouraged my hope in the church community. (Hermann, MO)

  • It brought me much happiness and peace. My boss told me today that she hasn't heard me laugh like I did today in years. I feel refreshed. (California, MO)

    Sr. Brigid Talks With many Who Were Healed

  • I came to the mission with throat pain, choking, and it hurt to swallow. I no longer have pain or choking. The mission opened a new avenue to Christ and added a brighter spirit to my life. (Booneville, MO)

  • I experienced relief of lower back pain that I have had for over 30 years. (Booneville, MO)

  • The mission gave me renewed hope for my marriage. (Barry's Bay, Ontario)

  • A new faith has started up within me. (Renfrew, Ontario)

  • This mission has connected me to God in a way I thought impossible. (petawawa, Ontario)

  • The constant pain in my hips, right leg and foot since last year went away last night and has not come back. (Round Lake Centre, Ontario)

  • This parish mission centered me and let me understand what I want most in life. (Arnold, MO)

  • It has helped me believe that God can really heal and that He really cares about me. (Gardner, KS)

All Ages Enjoy the Parish Mission

Upcoming Events.

The Sisters were invited to Holy Apostles Parish in Colorado Springs to give the Healing Life's Hurts Parish Mission, by the pastor, Fr. Paul Wicker. The date for this Mission is December 8 and 9, 2003.

Association of the New Covenant

The annual Companion Christmas party is planned for December 14, 2003, at the home of Jon and Maureen Nash.


Gdynia, Poland

The travel for this trip is one for the books. Sisters Angeline and Jan were to leave Denver at 2:54, July 17 for Chicago. Due to bad weather in Chicago they finally left Denver around 6: 15 p.m. Once airborne and fairly close to Chicago they were in a holding pattern for thirty minutes. This comedy of errors is not over. The plane was running low on fuel by this time so they had to fly to De Moines Iowa to refuel. After sitting on the runway for forty-five minutes Sister Angeline and Sister Jan arrived in Chicago a mere four hours late. Of course, they had missed their international flight to Warsaw, had to stay overnight in Chicago and arrived in Poland one day late.

As unbelievable as it may sound, the Sisters had a similar experience on their return to Denver. To make a long story short, due to thunderstorms, connections were missed, so it was necessary to stay overnight in St. Louis. Again, they arrived one day late but safe.

Retreat and Training.

This year's Annual Follow-Up Leadership Formation was a Healing Ministry Training and Retreat, held in Gdynia, July 21-27, 2003. Fifty-one people participated from Gdynia and Suwalki.

Healing Ministry Training and Retreat Participants

Sr. Angeline, Beata (translator), Wieslaw (participant)

On a free day between the Formation Training and the Board of Directors meeting the Sisters were taken to Hel (pronounced hell). Hel is a peninsula in the northeast part of Gdynia that is a famous vacation spot. Once again, due to bad weather (storms on the Baltic Sea), the boat could not get people out of Hel and back to Gdynia. So even with a ticket the Sisters were stuck in Hel, at least for a couple hours longer then was planned.

Polish friends caught with us in Hel

ACTS II Board of Directors Meeting.

July 29-31, the Directors met for their annual meeting to give reports of the events, fruit, and difficulties of the past year. Time was also given to prayer as well as future planning.

Association of the New Covenant.

The ceremony of acceptance into the was held in Gdynia on July 26. The pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish, Fr. Wojciech Kozlowski, led the ceremony which was held in the chapel. Fifteen people from Gdynia entered the Missioned Evangelizers Phase and one from Suwalki; seven moved to On-the-Way Companions in Gdynia and four from Suwalki; and one First Year Companion in Gdynia. The ceremony was followed by supper and evening of celebration at a nearby restaurant.

Association of the New Covenant Gathers for Ceremony

New Candidate Receive Special Blessing from Sr. Angeline and Fr. Wojciech

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