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Vol. 7, No. 4, November, 2002

Community News & Upcoming Events

At Home

Association of the New Covenant

The Local Branch of the Association of the Community of the New Covenant in Denver, started up again, after a short summer break, it's Monthly Gathering in September 2002.

Parish Missions

Healing Life's Hurts Parish Mission was given by Sister Brigid and Sister Jan the end of September through November 12, 2002 in the St. Louis Area. Some testimonies to God's love and power during the mission:

Sister Brigid greeting attendees in St. Louis Area

Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • The mission has given me courage to act as I believe that Jesus continues to be among us through each other and that we are all carriers of his love and his healing. (age 48)

  • I am feeling much better about myself. I saw my mom laughing during the mission and I am really happy about that. (age 9)

  • My hope in the catholic community was renewed. I have never felt so close to other Catholics while in church. (age 29)

  • This mission has been a beautiful reminder of the power of prayer. I came with my daughter, grandson and daughter's mother-in-law. We left with just such a wonderful feeling. My daughter's mother-in-law has had no hearing in one ear since a child. Today she can hear! (age 58)

Upcoming Events

The Sisters are having two special guests at their convent during the end of November, 2002. Sister Joan Winkler, Provincial of the Hospital Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis from Springfield, Illinois and her Vicaress, Sister Ann Pitsenberger.

Sister Brigid and Sister Jan are offering a 4 weekend series on "Learn How to Pray for Healing in Your life," in Denver. The series begins January 4 & 5, 2003 and continues on January 25 & 26, February 1 & 2, 22 & 23.

Association of the New Covenant

The annual Companion Christmas party is planned for December 16, 2002.


Gdynia, Poland

Arriving at Denver International Airport three hours before their scheduled 11:00 a.m. departure for Warsaw, Sisters Angeline and Jan almost missed their flight. This was not due to the crowd but to a gate change at the last minute that was not seen until it was almost too late. The next day arrival, July 23, 2002, into Warsaw was uneventful. The Sisters were met at the airport, enjoyed lunch and waited with friends for a few hours before catching the train that took them to Gdynia - a four hour trip.


The Annual Follow Up Leadership Formation Training this year was a Life in the Spirit Retreat given in two places: Gdynia and Suwalki. Sixty-two attended the retreat in Gdynia; one hundred thirty came to the retreat in Suwalki. A second retreat, Christian Maturity, was also given in Gdynia.

Attendees in Gdynia

ACTS II Board of Directors Meeting.

August 1-5 the Directors met for their annual meeting to give reports of the events, fruit, and difficulties of the past year. The time together ended with ice cream in Sopot, a beautiful spot on the Baltic Sea.

Association of the New Covenant.

The ceremony of acceptance into the Association began at 7:15 in the chapel on July 30. The pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish led ceremony. Ten people from Gdynia entered as Missioned Evangelizers and two from Suwalki, giving a total of twelve. Jola Malczewska-Kawalec, from Warsaw, formalized her informal acceptance at the airport last year during this ceremony as well.

Suwalki, Poland

August 7, the Sisters left Gdynia by car with Staszek for Suwalki, in the Northeast part of Poland. Once again this year Fr. Christopher gave Sisters Angeline and Jan, food and lodging at his residence for their six-day stay. In addition to a retreat given by the Sisters, meetings, and a ceremony of acceptance into the Association, participation in a Polish wedding and reception was another highlight. The marriage of Alicja Zawadzka and Bogdan Witkowski on August 10 was held at the Cathedral of St. Alexander in Suwalki. If you have never been to a Polish wedding and reception you have really missed something special. The reception was only for family except for the priest who married Alicja and Bogdan and Srs. Angeline and Jan. Out of 130 people the only two English speaking were, guess who? But everyone helped to make them at home, so much at home that the Sisters stayed until "plenty after ten." It was a real communal event: dinner, drinks, music, dancing, games, and then the cycle began again.

The next day we were taken on a three-hour ship ride on several lakes !n Augustow. It was so relaxing and such beautiful scenery.

Sr. Angeline was given a bongo drum (she is quite good) which was fun to package for the return trip to Denver on August 13. The Sisters had a five-hour ride, via car, from Suwalki to Warsaw to catch a 12:45 flight back to the USA.


About 130 attended a Life in the Spirit Retreat the Sisters gave. It was a powerful time of prayer, healing, and empowerment.

Attendees in Suwalki

Association of the New Covenant

On August 10, at the conclusion of the Life in the Spirit Retreat, 40 people came into the Association. What a joyous time.

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