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Vol. 6, No. 1, January, 2001

Community News & Upcoming Events

At Home

Parish Missions

During the months of September and October, 2000, Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan returned to the Wichita, Kansas area to give eight Parish Missions on "Healing Life's Hurts" at the following parishes:

September 25, 26          Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Goodland, KS
September 27, 28Holy Ghost, Sharon Springs, KS
October 2, 3Sacred heart, Emporia, KS
October 4, 5Most Pure Heart of Mary, Topeka, KS
October 9, 10Christ the King, Kansas City, KS
October 11, 12St. Patrick's, Kansas City, KS
October 16, 17Christ the King, WaKeeney, KS
October 23, 24St. Joseph's, Oakley, KS

Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • For two months I have had distorted vision in my left eye. After this two night mission I can see better in my left eye. JF, 63
  • I learned how to pray. MK, 60

  • Relief from chronic back pain that I have had for the last five years. MV, 48

  • My husband was moved to come with me to the mission and now he is willing to work on our marriage. CH, 52

  • I had been angry at God for taking my son three years ago. I know now he does not make mistakes and he took the very best. Someday I want to see my son again so I will follow Jesus. LP, 66

Advent Parish Mission Given

In December, 2000, Sr. Jan and Sr. Brigid gave the parish mission, Healing Life's Hurts, in one parish in Colorado.

December 9, 10 St. Patrick's, Holyoke, CO
Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • I have less pain in a nerve damaged elbow. I have better sight - I suffer from a detached retina for 10 years. DO, 68

  • My prayer life, due to personal problems was dwindling but this mission has definitely brought me closer to the Lord again. I feel lighter. LB, 39

Upcoming Events

We will be giving the Parish Mission, "Healing Life's Hurts", at the following parishes in March, 2001 in Kansas and Colorado:

March 5, 6          St. John the Evangelist, Lawrence, KS
March 7, 8St. Joseph's, Topeka, KS
March 12, 13Immaculate Heart of Mary, Hays, KS
March 19, 20St. Joseph's, Akron, CO
March 21, 22St. John's, Yuma, CO


Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan were originally meant to leave for Poland on July 24, 2000. But due to the death of Sr. Angeline's father on July 19, their departure was changed to August 1. However, the meeting of the members of the Association took place as scheduled from July 29 to August 1. This time was devoted again to reading through the entire Statutes and the Community Handbook to make sure there was a good understanding of what was written, to see if anything was unclear in what was written, and to see if anything was left out that needed to be addressed.

The Sisters arrived in Warsaw on August 2 and discovered that none of their baggage had arrived with them. Ordinarily, the Sisters carry on the boxed materials they will use for the various meetings and trainings but due to fatigue, they decided to ship everything through. Low and behold, now they did not have what they needed. The Lord would have to provide. And, of course, He did.

Association of the New Covenant.

The Sisters arrived in Gdynia by train with Peter the evening of August 2, had supper with Fr. Wojciech and one of the translators, Alicja Dziemian. Both Alicja and Jadwiga had been present for the Association Meeting on July 29 to August 1, both reading the documents through with the members.

Jadwiga had her English copy of the Statutes with her so the Sisters were able to use that copy in answering the various questions that had come up. The questions were very good questions and helped to make those points that were not so clear, clearer. More work would have to be done on the Statutes when the Sisters got back to Denver.

Annual Follow-Up Leadership Formation Training.

The Annual Follow-Up Leadership Formation Training was to take place from August 3 to 7. Since the training materials that the Sisters were to use for the Follow?Up Training had not arrived, it was decided that August 3 to 7 would be used to do a second reading of the Community Handbook so that Sr. Angeline would be able to explain as she went along. To help Alicja in the translation of this meeting, Beata Slomowicz from Gdynia came. There were forty members present. The Sisters baggage arrived late that afternoon.

In the evening of August 4, Staszek and Alicja took the Sisters to see "The Gladiator". August 5 was a fun night and the same lady from the Light/Life Movement did an excellent job in leading the evening which was a very enjoyable evening.

ACTS II Board of Directors Meeting.

The ACTS II Board of Directors Meeting began on August 9 and ended on August 11. Alicja and Jadwiga were the translators. The meeting focussed on the ACTS II Process and on the Association.


On August 12, Peter and Kinga took the Sisters to one of their large grocery stores called HIT, a huge German store something like Costco's. They walked there and back and spent quite a bit of time walking through their aisles. Later Iza Sobczyk (Zdzislaw's wife) took the Sisters and Peter for a walk on the beach of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea was beautiful and so were the rocks that Sr. Angeline collected to take back to Denver to use as paper weights.

After a very busy short stay in Poland, the Sisters left with Peter by train for Warsaw at 5:00 a.m., arriving in Warsaw at 9:30 a.m. and went directly to the airport departing Warsaw at 1:00 p.m. for Denver.

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