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Vol. 2, No. 2, April, 1997

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Parish Missions:

During the months of February and March, 1997, Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan gave the Parish Mission, "Healing Life's Hurts", at the following parishes:

February 17, 18    St. Cecilia's Cathedral, Omaha, NE
February 24, 25Holy Family, Council Bluffs, IA
February 26, 27St. Mary Mediatrix of all Graces, Avoca, IA
March 3, 4St. Patrick's, Gretna, NE
March 5, 6St. Patrick's, Elkhorn, NE
March 11, 12St. Peter's, Omaha, NE

Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • For the first time since I was young I am feeling God is out there. There was the first concrete evidence of God and Jesus' power. JA, 33

  • I feel closer to God, like I'm on a journey to somewhere wonderful. I feel forgiveness toward a certain person and love and fellowship towards others. HD, 55

  • This is the first time, after 20 years of arthritis, that it felt gone. I was able to stand in the pew without help. MK, 58

  • I am not a member of the Catholic Church but I experienced inner healing, inner peace, able to forgive a family member, better eyesight, stronger faith, and able to let go of past hurts. SM, 55

  • This mission brought me closer to Jesus and helped me forgive a friend whom I've been angry with for three years. I left each night feeling peaceful. Also my wrist hasn't bothered me since last night and it has been hurting for three years. BS, 47

  • I feel as if I have "come back to God." MW, 64

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