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  My Witness

Vol. 2, No. 1, January, 1997

From the Editor
Sr. Jan Nattermann, S.N.C.

Sister Jan Our Catholic Evangelization Training Center has been established by the Sisters of the New Covenant, since 1983, to serve the Church's basic mission of evangelization in the Denver archdiocese and beyond. One of the services provided by this Evangelization Center is the ACTS II training in evangelization.

The Center also offers weekend seminars and retreats. The Lord was powerfully present, working signs and wonders in all of our lives. This weekend,on Lay Spirituality was so well received, and I am so excited about it myself, that I'd like to share with you some of the students' comments:

  • I learned how important I am to the mission of the Church. It was very uplifting to me and it gave me more knowledge about my role as a member of the Body of Christ. It was full of love & spirituality.

  • The experience was an integrated time and supplied the push and "dynamite" I was needing to feel whole and renewed.

  • The teachings were good because it made me aware of the Vatican II Documents; the sharings were very uplifting: the time for study was excellent.

  • I would highly recommend this weekend to everyone. Any weekend that can give you insight as to what your duties are as a lay person m the Church would be helpful in bringing the work of the Lord to victory.

  • Taking time to meditate, study and share is something we often do not do in this busy world of ours. It's like going off in the woods, or in a quiet church, to pray and talk with God.

  • This weekend truly brought home to me my apostolate and how the bishops hold the laity as important in helping them spread the Good News.

  • I have learned that I can be a Christian and at the same time, live in a world that is not. I have learned to trust in the Lord more-He is not asking me to do any thing that He has not equipped me for. I've learned that I must not dwell on my mistakes, but must immediately get up, say I'm sorry and go at it again. Just because I "fall" doesn't make me a "bad" Christian. I need to go on in my work for the Lord and stop "licking my own wounds."

  • I now hope to intensify my prayer life and also to increase the number of times I make decisions based on what I think Jesus would have done.

  • I would recommend this weekend because I feel it is very necessary for the Documents of Vatican II, especially the document on the laity, to be explained more thoroughly as we have experienced here.

  • I learned more perseverance because I'm not one to sit for a great length of time.

So when you call upon the power of the Lord Jesus to come forth in daily life, in the difficult situations, he answers, in ways we never dreamed possible.

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