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Vol. 1, No. 4, November, 1996

Community News & Upcoming Events

At Home

Parish Missions

During the month of October, 1996, Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan gave the Parish Mission, "Healing Life's Hurts", at these five Kansas City area parishes:

October 9, 10    St. Elizabeth's, Kansas City, MO
October 14, 15St. Francis Xavier, Kansas City, MO
October 16, 17Prince of Peace, Kansas City, KS
October 21, 22Our Lady of Peace, Kansas City, MO
October 23, 24St. Cyril and Methodius, Kansas City, KS
Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions
  • The pain in my arms has subsided, my faith has been strengthened, my family helped, and I have strength and hope for the future. SB, 43

  • This mission helped me realize that there is power in prayer and that there are people here that need and openly welcome prayer. I experienced relief from chronic depression. I feel hopeful now. KH

  • This mission has brought me closer to God. It has helped me to pray better and to think of other people's needs too. I was also able to talk openly about Jesus to my fellow workers. My hip has stopped hurting. I have been in pain for seven years. SC, 59

  • This has brought me closer to God. It helped me to forgive my ex?husband and ex?in?laws and helped me to bless all of them. I can pray better.

  • For over three years I have had blockage in my throat making it very difficult to swallow. This blockage faded away after the first night of the mission. DG, 64


ACTS II Board of Directors Meeting.

Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan were warmly received in Poland on June 22, 1996 the day of their arrival in Warsaw. The ACTS II Board of Directors were having their meeting in Warsaw at the Ursuline Sisters Convent. So they took the Sisters to the Ursulines' Convent for lunch with the directors. Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan met with the ACTS II Board of Directors on June 22 and 23 and at 8:30 p.m. Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan left for Suwalki by car arriving there at 1:30 a.m. Talk about being tired.


From June 28 to July 14, long hours were spent with the translators inputting corrections to the Polish translation of the ACTS II Trainees' Materials. Usually, there were anywhere from five to ten people working on this project each day. Many others did the collating of the pages after they were printed and then bound each book.

Long hours were again spent from July 28 to July 31 and from August 13 to August 17, proofreading, inputting corrections to the Polish translation of the ACTS II Leaders' Materials, printing, collating and binding these books.

Highly Dedicated People.

We have a wonderful highly committed group of Polish people working with us who are carrying out the ACTS II Process. Their work has been made all the more difficult because all of the ACTS II Materials have had to be translated into Polish which has been a major undertaking for them. Yet, inspite of all the difficulties translation entails, they have been totally given to getting these translations done.

God's providence has been at work here in a very special way in providing very well educated people to accomplish this task of translation including a Polish linguist. There is more than meets the eye here. God has much in store for Poland and the ACTS II Process. The Sisters of the New Covenant are most grateful to the Lord for providing them with such brothers and sisters.

The ACTS II Leadership Training.

The ACTS II Leadership Training was suppose to begin on July 13 but because the ACTS II Materials were not ready, this Training began on July 14 and ended on July 27. Twenty-five people participated in this Training: five priests, seven women, and 13 men.

ACTS II Board of Directors Meeting.

From August 1 to August 3, and August 10 the Board of Directors Meeting took place.

Follow-Up Leadership Formation Training.

The Follow-Up Leadership Formation Training was given to thirty-five Coordinators and Pastoral Leaders of the ACTS II Process from August 5 to August 9.

Many meetings were had during this very busy time in Poland but much was accomplished and for that the Sisters are most grateful. Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan departed Poland from Warsaw on August 19, 1996.

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