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Vol. 1, No. 2, April, 1996

Community News & Upcoming Events

At Home

Parish Missions

During the month of November, 1995, Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan gave the Parish Mission, "Healing Life's Hurts", in these four Kansas City, Kansas, parishes:

St. Catherine of Siena
St. Matthew the Apostle
Guardian Angels
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • I understand how to talk to God better. My husband and I have a better communication. SB, 80

  • This brought me closer to God. Even though I attend Mass six days a week, these two days have really uplifted me. BA, 77

  • My breathing is better. It was the best use of my time in a long while. My body, mind, and soul have all benefited. C, 62

  • Now I feel closer to Jesus and I can talk to him like my brother or friend. I am going to try to help my family and clean whenever someone asks me to. JS, 14

  • I have had a sleeping disorder and anxiety attacks for three years. Last night was the first good night's sleep I've had since that time. AH, 41

  • Thank you for spending time with our parish. I didn't think it was boring. Thank you again. I forgave my teacher. BM, 10

  • It has strengthened my faith and helped me to find new ways to bring God into my life and the life of my family. My neck and back feel better after 15 years. MS, 28


Leadership Training in ACTS II.

On March 6, 1996, Sr. Angeline returned to Denver from Malta after giving the ACTS II Leadership Training, a weekend retreat, and attending many meetings. Sr. Jan had to leave earlier on February 28 due to other commitments in Denver.


Malta has a population of about 371,000. It is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea just southwest of the boot of Italy and is about 17 miles long by 9 miles wide. It is the island that St. Paul was shipwrecked on and it was he who evangelized them. So the religion of Malta is Roman Catholic (97%). There catholicism is very strong. Most of the people are daily communicants. Malta is referred to in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles as Mileta. The capital city is Valletta. Their native language is Maltese but the majority of people also speak English. They received their independence from Britain in 1964. Their culture was influenced by the British, Arab and Italian traditions. They have their own currency which is the Maltese lira. The Maltese are very warm and hospitable.

Some Background

Leadership Training in ACTS 11, 1991.

How did Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan manage to go to Malta? In 1991, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan were working in Rome for Fr. Tom Forrest, C.Ss.R. at the office of Evangelization/2000. Her job as International Coordinator of the Association of Cordinators of Catholic Schools of Evangelization (ACCSE/2000) took Sr. Angeline to various parts of the world and one of those places was Brighton, England. Albert Galea, from Santa Maria Parish in Attard, Malta, married and father of five children, from eighteen years of age to four, met Sr. Angeline at a Charismatic Conference in Brighton, England, in July, 1991.

For some time, Albert had felt their parish needed to form small groups and to become involved in evangelization. He attended a talk Sr. Angeline gave on the ACTS II Process at this Conference . After returning from England, he learned that one of the Sisters of the New Covenant, Sr. Jan, was in Malta and was beginning some sessions on ACTS II for participants in ICPE (International Catholic Program of Evangelization). He approached his pastor, Fr. Anton, and the two of them came to one of the sessions on ACTS II.

The Providence of God at Work.

To show how the providence of God works, the day they both decided to come and hear Sr. Jan, she was explaining the vision of ACTS II. Fr. Anton was eager, excited, and wanted to meet again. So another time was arranged for Sr. Jan to meet with him, his two assistant priests, Albert, and later the Parish Council. Fr. Anton asked if anyone on the Council objected to ACTS II coming into the parish. There were no objections. So it was decided that they definitely wanted ACTS II. Sister was to get back to them about if and when the ACTS II Leadership Training could be done there.

Before Sr. Jan left for Malta, she had gone to a parish near the office of Evangelization/2000 in Rome and prayed for an hour before the Blessed Sacrament. She was concerned about the invitation ICPE had extended to her to come and speak to their trainees about ACTS II. While at prayer, the passage the Lord gave her was Exodus 23:20, "Behold, I send an angel before you, to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place which I have prepared." At that time, she had been more concerned with her trip so her attention was more on the first part of this passage. But after hearing about all the ground work that had been laid at Santa Maria Parish by Fr. Anton and those working with him, similarities in vision, right connections, decisions, and the timing, only the hand of God could have prepared all of this. So her question was: Could this parish be the place the Lord has prepared to receive the ACTS II Process?

Well, of course, and so it happened. Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan were able to go to Malta and do the ACTS II Leadership Training at Santa Maria Parish at Attard in November, 1991 with 23 participants including Fr. Anton and his two assistant priests. God's providence is so evident here. Malta is where He wanted the Process to be and so it is. Many of the people who went through the ACTS II Leadership Training then are still with the ACTS II Process today. Another indication of God's providence at work in a very special way in Malta. And I'm sure St. Paul has his hand in all of this since he evangelized Malta so well himself.


Follow-Up Evaluation.

Sr. Angeline left for Malta on October 13, 1993 to see how the ACTS II Process was unfolding. Sister spent 10 days at Santa Maria Parish listening to the reports and evaluations of each of the Coordinators and Pastoral Leaders and their Assistants as to how the ACTS II Process was doing.

It was encouraging to witness the dedication and hard work of the Coordinators which was specifically evident in their great effort, under the direction of Albert Galea, to faithfully unfold the ACTS II Process as designed. Tremendous sacrifice, time, commitment and fidelity to the Parish Small Groups System (PSGS) was being made by the Pastoral Leaders and their Assistants who are keeping the PSGS going. They demonstrated a "pastoral heart" for those participating in the PSGS. This came through very clearly in the consultation meetings each pastoral leader and assistant had with Sr. Angeline during her visit. This is what evangelization is all about: Love--Christian love--a love that cares enough for others to reach out to them, evangelize them, and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ by taking a personal concern for their faith-walk.

Sr. Angeline left Malta on October 24 with much hope knowing that what the Holy Spirit had begun with the ACTS II Process was bearing abundant fruit. This hope came not only from what she saw and experienced but also from the sincere remarks made at different times by the Coordinators, Pastoral Leaders and Assistant Pastoral Leaders in their wanting to carry out the ACTS II Process faithfully. Their desire is to see the longterm goal of ACTS II a reality in their parish: the transformation of the parish into an evangelizing community through the networking of small Christian communities.


Parish Missions.

Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan again departed for Malta on October 4, 1994 from Poland to give five parish missions on "Healing Life's Hurts". In addition to the many meetings with the Coordinators, Pastoral Leaders, their Assistants, and those involved in the ACTS II Process at Santa Maria Parish in Attard, one of the highlights of their many meetings was their meeting with Archbishop Joseph Mercieca of Malta. Fr. Anton was present at this meeting with the Archbishop.

On October 18, Sr. Angeline met with the Coordinators to discuss the Community of the New Covenant and invited them to become Companions. Each one says "yes" to entering the community. The same topic was presented to the Pastoral Leaders and to the second year trainees on October 22. All but one accepted to become Companions. The total number of Companions in Malta is 21.


A Meeting in Suwalki.

While Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan were in Poland in September, 1995, they had the pleasant surprise of being able to have a two-day meeting with Albert Galea and his wife, Josephine, in Suwalki. During this meeting, it was planned that the Sisters come to Malta in February/March, 1996, to give an ACTS II Leadership Training at Christ the King Parish in Paola, Malta.


Leadership Training in ACTS II.

Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan left for Malta on February 4, 1996 arriving there on February 5. To their amazement their luggage had been lost and only arrived five days later. They were taken to the convent of the Sisters of St. Joseph where they would live while the ACTS II Leadership Training was given to some of the parishioners from Christ the King Parish. These parishioners would eventually take responsibility for the ACTS II Process in their parish.

The ACTS II Leadership Training began on February 10, the wonderful Feast of the Shipwreck of St. Paul, which is a huge festa in Malta. The Training was given everyday at the unusual time of 4:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Sisters' convent until its conclusion on March 5. The Sisters were very gracious and hospitable and provided Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan with what they needed until their luggage arrived.

Springtime For Christianity Retreat.

While in Malta, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan also gave a weekend retreat called "Springtime for Christianity" to the parishioners of Santa Maria Parish at Attard. In between the ACTS II Leadership Training and the weekend retreat, various meetings were held with the Coordinators, Pastoral Leaders, their Assistants, the parishioners involved with the ACTS II Process at Attard, and with the On-the-Way Companions.


Two evening meetings were held with the Companions on February 16 and February 19 from 7:00 p. m. to 10:00 p. m.

Some Sightseeing.

While there was much work to be done, some time was taken to do a little sightseeing. The Island is surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea which is so very blue and a sight to behold. A wonderful man by the name of Leonard took Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan to see a bit of the beautiful Island at different times, when time was available.

During such times, they visited Mdina, a beautifull walled in city which was once the capital of Malta. Mdina is also called the Silent City since only residents can drive in this city and most of them are descendants of nobility. On another day, they visited Bugibba, St. Julian's, and Sliema, all tourist areas. On one of the coldest, wettest, and windiest days, they walked with Leonard to Char Haran, the cave on the cliff overlooking the sea. Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan had umbrellas but they didn't do them much good, especially Sr. Angeline's since it turned inside out because of the wind. What a sight! Yes, both the cave and them in the wind with useless umbrellas. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So time had to be found for some relaxation, wouldn't you say?

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