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Vol. 1, No. 1, January, 1996

Community News & Upcoming Events

At Home

Parish Missions

During the month of November, 1995, Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan gave the Parish Mission, "Healing Life's Hurts", in these four Kansas City, Kansas, parishes:

St. Catherine of Siena
St. Matthew the Apostle
Guardian Angels
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • I never prayed like this before. It made us feel like a family that truly cares about each other. You could feel the power of prayer during this mission. GP, 52

  • I've suffered from arthritis and back pains for seven years. I felt the Lord took all the stiffness out. VS, 12

  • I have a problem with asthma but now my lungs feel warm and open. I can breathe deeper. BJ, 47

  • It brought me closer to God. I think I will try to mind my parents, actually I know I will try! JY, 9

  • This mission has brought me closer to God and helped me to focus in my prayers. It has helped me to reevaluate my life, goals and bring the Lord Jesus Christ into my everyday life more and to never give up. SR, 26

  • My marriage has been given a power boost. NT, 51

Upcoming Events

We will be giving the Parish Mission, "Healing Life's Hurts", at the following parishes in March, 1996 in Omaha, Nebraska:

March 4, 5 St. Bernard's
March 6, 7 St. Mary's
March 11, 12 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
March 13, 14 St. Francis of Assisi
March 18, 19    St. Bernadette's


Leadership Training in ACTS II.

Sister Angeline and Sister Jan left for Poland again on July 26, 1995 arriving in Warsaw on July 27. Their destination this time was Suwalki, Poland, a five hour drive from Warsaw and about 14 miles from the eastern border of Lithuania. This was the Sisters first trip to this area of Poland. Suwalki, a small city, could be spoken of as a tourist city, with a population of about 70,000 people and has some very lovely lakes nearby. It is close to Augustow which is about thirty miles away and also surrounded by many lakes.

From August 1 to 15, 1995, a 15-Day Leadership Training in ACTS II: Conversion, Proclamation, Community was given to 25 people, 14 women and 11 men in Suwalki.

Healing Ministry Training.

From August 19 to 28, 1995, a 10-Day Training in the Healing Ministry was given to 66 participants in Suwalki. The main celebrant for the closing Eucharistic celebration was Auxiliary Bishop Edward Samson. After Mass, we had a brief meeting with the bishop.

Translations of ACTS II Materials.

From September 5 to September 17, Sr. Angeline and Alicja Dziemian worked on the translation of the ACTS II materials. The Polish translations had many errors. Most of this time was spent on the correction of the Polish translation of some of the ACTS II Handbooks.


On September 18, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan left for Gdansk. The trip took them seven and a half hours because the driver got lost a few times. They stayed at a convent and the Sisters couldn't have been more hospitable. The highlight of this trip was their meeting with Archbishop Tadeusz Goclowski. He was very warm and receptive and suggested that Fr. Wojciech Kozlowski, pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish in Gdynia, be in charge of the ACTS II Process in his Archdiocese. In fact, an appointment was given to Fr. Wojciech to that effect.


On September 22, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan left Gdansk for Warsaw and stayed at the Resurrectionist Sisters' convent where the Follow?Up Leadership Formation Training that was to take place for the Coordinators the following day.

Evangelization/2000 Forum.

Sr. Angeline spoke on the "Healing Ministry and Evangelization" and on "ACTS II: Handing on the Message" at the Evangel ization/2000 Forum held in Czestochowa on October 2, 1995.


Much work was done with regard to the translation of the ACTS II Materials into Polish and many meetings were held concerning the ACTS II Process, its Method and Materials and about beginning the Community of the New Covenant. It was a busy time but a fruitful time. Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan left Warsaw for Denver on October 3, 1995.

Some Background

What brought Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan to Poland? To bring you up to date, Sr. Angeline was sent from the office of Evangel ization/2000 to Poland in 1991 to help train some of the Polish young people in evangelization in preparation for the World Youth Day to be held that year in Czestochowa. The Sisters had no idea of what the Lord's intent was for them. But this first trip to Poland marked the beginning of what would turn out to be an annual return to Poland specifically for the purpose of evangelization.

It is more difficult for Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan to get to know the Polish people on a personal basis since English is not spoken by many. To communicate on a one-on-one basis, a translator is needed and a translator is not easy to come by each time you would like to communicate with someone. However, there are many other ways that the Sisters used to communicate besides the spoken word. The Polish people are very warm and hospitable and make every effort to help you feel at home.


Leadership Training in ACTS II.

Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan were invited to Poland in 1992 to give a leadership training in the ACTS II Process to 350 people from the Light/Life Movement. This training was given in Gdansk, a city in the northwest part of Poland on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The Training began and ended with a Eucharistic celebration with Archbishop Tadeusz Goclowski concelebrating with eighteen priests. Both Eucharistic celebrations were joyous occasions filled with songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Eighteen Polish priests took part in the ACTS II Leadership Training. The morning Eucharistic celebrations were concelebrated by these eighteen priests and were a moving time for all. The majority of those attending were in the age bracket of 20 to 40. The oldest was 70, a retired sea captain, and the youngest was 16. This was a wonderful time for all! From Gdansk, the sisters travelled to Kielce to give an abbreviated training in evangelization to approximately 196 catechists.


Leadership Training in ACTS II.

In 1993, the ACTS II Leadership Training was given in Wroclaw with well over a hundred attending.

Training in the Healing Ministry.

The 10-Day Healing Ministry Training followed upon the completion of the ACTS II Training with a total of 96 people participating.


Leadership Training in ACTS II.

In 1994, the ACTS II leadership Training was given in Cracow with a total of 127 participants. Fifteen people from the Ukraine, including a sister and a Capuchin Franciscan priest, also participated in this Training. The ACTS II Training ended on August 28, with a Eucharistic celebration. The main celebrant of the closing Eucharistic celebration was Bishop Jan Szkodon. After Mass, the Bishop invited us to coffee with him where he asked Sr. Angeline her impressions of the Church of Poland.

Vienna, Austria.

Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan had a short break and travelled with a Polish priest, his mother and niece to Vienna where they stayed for six days. Upon their arrival, they were taken to the Benedictine Sisters Guest House which was to be their home during their stay in Vienna. During their time there, they visited the Opera House, Mozart's home, the homes of Beethoven and Freud, the Imperial Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Schonbrunn Palace, Blue Danube Park, Vienna International Center, and the United Nations facility (very modern and very beautiful).

A memorable event was visiting the Spanish Riding School to see the famous Lippizan horses train. They returned to Cracow on September 9.

Retreat to Resurrectionist Seminarians.

On September 10, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan gave a five-day retreat on evangelization to twenty-seven Resurrectionist seminarians in Cracow. The twenty-seven of them were to renew their vows on September 15 at the 10:00 a.m. Mass. After Mass, the celebration continued with coffee and cookies and a great informal sharing and singing together.

The day after the retreat, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan were taken to Auschwitz, about one hour's drive from Cracow. They had taken their camera but didn't feel right about taking pictures. They were walking on holy ground, the same earth that had been walked upon by many martyrs. Some of the "blocks" (actual living quarters) contained exhibits showing life in the camp, articles used by prisoners, clothing, eye-glasses, sanitation, death block, the wall of execution, and the crematorium. In 1947, the grounds were declared a memorial to the martyrdom of nations.

Training in the Healing Ministry.

The 10-Day Healing Ministry began on September 16 in Cracow with a Eucharistic celebration with a total of 136 people participating. An optional Healing Service was offered on the evening of September 20. Approximately 73 of the 120 people who participated received healing in varying degrees. The participants were well prepared for such a service since it was done during the Healing Training. The icing on the cake happened at the end of the Healing Training on September 25. The Holy Spirit came powerfully upon people during the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Evangelization/2000 Forum.

The Evangelization/2000 Forum was held in Cracow from September 29 to October 1. Sr. Angeline was asked to speak on the "Healing Ministry and Evangelization" and Sr. Jan spoke on "The Different Kinds of Healing".

From Poland to Malta.

On October 4, 1994, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan departed Cracow, Poland for Malta.

Upcoming Events

Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan leave for Malta on February 4, 1996 and will return on March 6. The purpose of their trip is to do a month-long training in the ACTS II Process at Christ the King Parish, give a weekend retreat called "Springtime for Christianity" to the parishioners of Santa Maria Parish in Attard, and meet with the Coordinators and Pastoral Leaders of the ACTS II Process at Santa Maria Parish as well. Of course, there are always other meetings scheduled by Albert Galea, director of the Coordinators Team for the ACTS II Process at Attard.

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