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  My Witness

Vol. 16, No. 4, November, 2011

From the Editor
Sr. Jan Nattermann, S.N.C.

Sister Jan The last Capital Sin to be looked at in MY WITNESSES is SLOTH, the "S" in PALE GAS. Sloth is actually spiritual laziness, although most think of it in terms of physical laziness-- the "couch potato" syndrome. Something we don't usually think of is that human activity comes from the will, which is a spiritual faculty. That is why sloth can be seen as a spiritual problem. One reason sloth can be the most dangerous of the Capital sins is that it can lead us to reject the graces and inspirations of the Holy Spirit so that we don't do things necessary for our salvation. We can, thus, develop a lukewarmness and indifference in God's service.

Revelation 3:15-16 warns us about being lukewarm: ... "Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth."

When we are slothful our wills become weaker and we can end up unable to resist other sins. But don't be fooled. Sloth can actually hide behind activity when we do activities that we like to do, RATHER than we ought to be doing. So 'escapism' is often sloth. Generally, work is opposed to sloth. Diligent work and prayer will help us work against sloth.

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