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Vol. 10, No. 4, November, 2005

Community News & Upcoming Events

At Home

Association of the New Covenant.

The Local Branch of the Association of the Community of the New Covenant in Denver, started again it's Monthly Gathering in September 2004, after a short summer break.

Some Members of the Community of the New Covenant

Parish Missions.

Healing Life's Hurts Parish Mission was given by Sr. Brigid and Sr. Jan, October 1 - November 13 in Colorado.

October 6, 7        Blessed John XXIII, Ft. Collins, CO
October 10, 11All Saints, Denver, CO
October 12, 13Our Lady of Peace, Greeley, CO
October 20, 21St. Michael, Canon City, CO
October 25, 26St. Mark, Highlands Ranch, CO
November 7, 8St. Mark, Westminster, CO
November 9, 10St. Ignatius Loyola, Denver, CO


Gdynia, Poland

It used to be that one only had to be concerned about weather for air travel in the winter months. Not so! The last few years during our travel to Poland we have had major difficulties due to thunderstorms. This year, Sr. Angeline and Sr. Jan traveled to Warsaw Poland on July 12 only to miss flights due to, yes, thunderstorms in Detroit. To make a long story short, they arrived one day late in Gdynia Poland. Their return trip to Denver on August 9 was uneventful, thank God, but long.

Retreat and Training.

This year's Annual Follow-Up Leadership Formation was Scripture II held in Gdynia, July 15-26, 2005. Thirty nine people participated from Gdynia and six from Suwalki.

Scipture II Participants Hard At Work.

On a free day between the Formation Training and the Board of Directors meeting an outing was planned to Westerplatte in Gdansk and a BBQ.

At Westerplatte

Just Having Fun at the BBQ.

ACTS II Board of Directors Meeting.

July 28-30, the Directors met for their annual meeting to give reports of the events, fruit, and difficulties of the past year. Time was also given to prayer as well as future planning.

Warm and welcoming parishioners at Our Lady of Peace in Greeley, CO.

Testimonies to the Lord's healing love during the Missions:

  • I have renewed hope for my future after a divorce. (Highlands Ranch, CO)

  • I experienced a great sense of community. (Westminster, CO)

  • The pain in my shoulder and neck is completely gone. (Westminster, CO)

  • This mission helped me to see things and people in a different way. I see good in people rather than jumping to the bad. (Colorado Springs, CO)

  • My back doesn't hurt any more. I have had pain for the last three years. (Denver, CO)

Upcoming Events.

The Sisters will be going to Cheyenne Wyoming in December to give the Healing Life's Hurts Parish Mission. The date for this Mission is December 7 and 8, 2005

Association of the New Covenant

The annual Companion Christmas party is planned for December 11, 2005, at the home of Jon and Maureen Nash.

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